Friday 7am

It was a dream last night..

I was trying to paint a specific scene. It was from an old photograph …looking up into a high fuse building, one with big windows..lots of glass. The camera flash must have caught the glass coz thee was a big white blob which was crucial to the front of the painting obscuring the interior of the window to which all concentration was to centre…

The building itse was faised from the pavement as though on stilts or at one point I was painting it on tank catipillers… it was just about this moment in a photo representing something , someone…

The photo was from a collection of mothers old university memorabilia, the person of interest was a man … Art Garfunkle represented the man.. a quiet reclusive artist .. seen in only a few other photographs waking away from the camera looking back, but me as this artist trying to represent something of him remembered him from my childhood .. a mythical figure, and now sought him out.

I watched my sister attempt the painting breath held to see if she could accomplish it she could not. It was mine . One vision meaningless really…

Forest walk yesterday … lots of red topped flyagarric mushrooms on a bright green moss forest floor, a kind of Florence created on the pine bark by a kind of lichen … good for subject matter .


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