Just woke up .. juicy dream…

Was making art in a crazy youthful way , painting , cuts , stencils… good musical soundtrack breakbeats , crazy yurt like dwelling.. a collage in film of the word “pornography’ without using any porn or even the word porn, in fact using the word popcorn , said filmed and cut up,

A film which included a madonna video , a figure in the corner of the window drapes turns from a curtain to a swan to a woman in s&m gear , straddled , somehow retaining a tree trunk like limb to the leg, a hawthorn type of tree like undulating twisting rootlike leg

A nazi scene with pimped up bmx bikes with dildos for handle bars all in military green, all nazi s&m army in military green and gimp masks(it’s a madonna video)

A sexy dance in silhouette lit through the legs .

And I’m there as a youth doing some crazy art with cut outs projections and all that….

My brain is definitely trying to wake me up

That was a dream I just had…I am been given art dreams by my brain at the moment, I am not drunk or stoned in any way, it is a blessing a gift that my mind works on without me.

If anything were to be true , let it be that I am a real artist and not just a bum… let it be that my conscious mind all full of fear and doubt be wrong and like a bad husband trying to veil his beautiful wife . That my true artist beautiful inner wife be set free …:from now until I die

Got a cheeky text off a plummer last night did not reply well you can’t fuck everybody’s husbands can you…

It’s not the fucking that’s the problem it’s the saying goodbye the entanglement that is the problem. The time wasted when could be making art , the spent ego ….

But feeling horny is such a good buzz …

7:27am had a wank.. having done that for ages. Sex is important to me and I don’t get any . S and I don’t do it , it makes me very angry with him , I can’t see him as a real relationship because of it . This was a good wank, easy to cum nice visuals . Nothing too nasty just the thought of vanilla Herron fucking. Perhaps the Plummer has woke up my yoni

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