Wed night 11;35

It’s 11 oct I’m 3rd long (and last) drink into a bottle of cheap red that I’d promised not to start in “stoptober”….there is so much to write about.. there’s last weekend where I drove to London to the frieze art fair , shagged an old man and got lost on the way home cramming an audiobook on mindfulness by that yanky wax dudess…

God talk about cray on…

So tonites bitch is a loan (again) to fix “S” poor problem , oh and some silly in and out of working for the Crays /totally working the cray thing…

Oscars ears are bad , well his ear is bad and so that is my baby’s plight…Tony is texting dog ear advice…

And now that I’ve done some wine I wanna do all kinds of flashback shit..

I started work today at 10 @ Lisa house .. she is the one person that I can truly confess to , about the old guy thing …then went to KC for house cleaning and didn’t get fired , just redirected … I’m not to take £ for cleaning his house but take the same £ to clean my own.. i.e. Where momma is..

Books done on audible recently….

1. Agnes grey…😍

2.we need to talk about Kevin..😍

3.some non fiction books about self help and mental people

Then there is the other stuff


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