7am Monday 16 oct

Dreamt of dark interior type paintings. School rooms and s&I’m gear exposing buttox…. Grayson perry had a love child with a black man…

I ascended to the ceiling to spin like an acrobat

Dark streets dark interiors dark paintings.

S has been gone for days since I blocked his number.. maybe I will get something back now..it’s a good thing . Although I miss him a bit , I’m free of a psychic attack.

I’m house sitting for Richard . Yesterday his cat paralysedca baby bunny that we nursed until it died, hoping that it would live somehow.. the day before that was apple pressing day at the workhouse , some worms came out for the day … it’s good to catch up with unhappy exes knowing that the misery that they created in my life went with them into their next…I trophy of learning hard lessons , had I believed in myself perhaps I wouldn’t have had to relearn them but I didn’t so there you go….

maybe I’m ready to settle down now

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