Oct 25 hotrocks…

In bed… naughty

Just had chat with mum about stuff..

he did

when I was a child ,

put his tongue in my mouth and press his naked willy up against me. Rubbing it up and down my self. I was repulsed . I was 7 he was in his late 30’s it was the ultimate limit for me . He bought me a packet of rollo toffeees next time we met(which I took and ate) but I avoided him , ever since that occasion . Dodging any other potential moment where he could with his poor impulse control pounce..

I wonder now whether my assailant was a simpleton . He must have been

Like max who absentmindedly nearly squashed a small dog this morning with his dominance seeking dry hump of a de balled beast….shy at home but wild outdoors

I’ve been offered a job… in pricing it up…yeah ..so what… I’m an artist and I can price up a job.. I don’t need to esplain






5.ukikas doll

6. Geary’s gallery

7.lizzy neal’s school of at

In the other weeks guardian there was an interview of Liam Gallagher where he described Love as “ knowing who you are,then knowing what you can’t accept “ …it really got me thinking…

Ive got to look up that interview

I mean love is about resiprosity …right?

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