Sunday 18th nov

15:43 just hangin round til 4:30 when I have to leave the 3 dog house in Llanfihangel… leaving dog portrait on the table.

I’ve been in a shit mood for days now. Triggered by new neighbors and their 2 stupid sport cars that now compromise my already compromised idil…

Walking four little dogs by pontllogel river today.. Egbert and smudge disappear into the bushes, and I am calling them. We meet a couple of men obviously a man and his father with their two bigger dogs a collie and some kind of fancy husky type. As Betty bounds out of the woods all tiny and cute the father comments “from the sublime to the ridiculous ” what the fuck the sublime thing was I don’t know but the ridiculous bit was aimed at Betty. I sneered at him, and on returning to the car park I scrawled” stupid old man” in the dirt of his car…


Me that is

I’ve just been feeling so bent out of shape….hating everyone ….petulant

I have been YouTubing Jordan b Peterson as suggested by my Spar college.. very good. Just the ticket

I need some time off to get on with my own stuff…

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