Friday 24th nov 11:15

Yesterday was shameful shambles after too much alcohol the night before. The thing that gets me is that I don’t remember whether I actually went into the old new inn or not but woke up with the Bar mans face in my mind. His plaited beard with 2 beads dangling like dolls bollocks. Was I there? Oh the shame!!

Well the first of the money has come through for the big piece . No going back now …

I’m in a low patch though. Is it lack of day light. It gets dark by 5pm… boredom in work?

Just met woman on road she give me money for dog portraits, so just gotta keep saving up to pay bills

It’s 5pm. One cleaning job today then the Xmas fair in high street. Saw the sparky down there. Funny how you can fuck someone then hate them….

One more job before the weekend starts….

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