6:19 am monday 11th dec

It snowed all day yesterday . It had snowed all day Saturday too. We were bound to the house after a mid morning trudge to the water meadow to let the dogs go crazy in the snow they love it, like children do .

So I managed to tidy and reorganise my room.

Although the snow has slowed down my work to a standstill so there is no money coming in, it’s been a blessing that I’ve had time to catch up on my own stuff.

Student loan deferment form pending… and this time not an easy task. Self employed , paperwork, it’s a little maddening. I Geuss that college essays had the same power. Perhaps I just refused to grow up.

Anyway it’s 6:30 am me and Oscar are tucked up in bed . It’s all good

It’s been 2 weeks since my last drink… I don’t want to jinx things by even talking about it…

Dreamt about a narrow boat on the canal… Cleaning on a train…having a stinking shit in public on the train…

I like the narrow boat bit…

mum is having her hip replacement in early next year

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