1:56am dec13

Dream… it seemed like the folks of Oswestry were all suddenly doing really well and becoming prosperous due to trading with what seemed like a parallel dimension of similar but (fairy ) folk. It was all week but none was to mention it. I was becoming more and more isolated by it all and after trying to raise a question to the assembled town folk and being denied I walked off alone.

I say a shadowy man walk out of a shop I was suspicious and called after him and after trying to ignore me for a while he looked at me and delivered a chilling and wide faced grin from under his hat. I perused him into a cafe where he mingled with shippers transforming himself into a “normal’ figure that I couldn’t recognise. Then a tall widened old man came up to me and whispered something into my ear , done backwards words which translated themselves in my head to “I’m here….”

then I awoke.

It was an unpleasant nightmare in fact.

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