dec 30 21;23

a holiday day with not enough to do to stop me grazing on christmas cheeses, crackers, choccies and ports…

i now have a not too bad portrait of Cazza under my belt, so it takes about 7 hours to get a likeness out in portrait, embroidery and appliqué …i cannot wait to get my hands on a wacom tablet. thank you mum for bringing it up in conversation otherwise I would have kept on using my less efficient way of doing things.

i was the person who hated all computer design i am now the compliant servant of the matrix so bring it on. it quite simply makes me happy in a way that struggling with real life does not. Its a hack, but fuck it its all i know…

NYE tomorrow. I’m anticipating another slow day… god there is so much to write about its overwhelming as i will bore with it all too soon,

ive had a few drinks today so note to self.. drunken facebook is a ‘not a good look” archetype , and with great reason. (had to say it all convoluted , as I’m playing with words)

went to the Oswestry cinema last night with my big sis. its not often that she ask me out, so yes will be the answer that leads me into a cultural and pleasant experience, i said yes and we had a good time watching an old film, with scratchy chunks of film that had been found and spliced in.

new year inclusion plan:


1a drink more water

2 look after mum

3 up at 6am (ambitious)

4 routine includes 2 dog walks per day/clients/ increased phone work


*this entry was considered subsequently to chat with mum, after some drinks

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