22:15 16dec

Bronko died this morning, under the vets needle…. he was a good boy but old and “cancered”… I payed my last respects to him while he breathed, but wish now that I’d lingered in his company. You see I didn’t finish work until 11 pm that night

I snuck into S’s house with a key given to me and then left on his table… there he was as serene as Jesus, lying on the leather sofa , his head slightly off the edge of the seat a paw each side , a smile like the Mona Lisa… no real indication of pain except for his heavy breathing.. I knelt before him on the Lino and kissed his head. He was like a tiny Aslan, I really loved that dog as much as you can love somebody else’s

Reality is such a vain hallucination…

every relationship has been oil on water… only my inability to designate borders creates the problem. God the only way to create character is to have your buttons pushed……

But anyway karma strolls around

Dear Bronko ,

You were as good as any human

There was not quizz about your desires…

An apple a day (for real)

A square meal

A paddle in the river

A play with your pals

Square up to a tennis ball

And all the lovely time you could have with daddy, the best friend

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