Tuesday evening 23:25

Started making an entry the other day but it deleted itself..grrrr

Aberystwyth today in my pink jeep with mum . A visit to the Art school open day at the University.

They were so welcoming and it was as if it were meant to be..

It was so thrilling , sitting in the lecture theatre listening to a lecture, going round the print room , talking to the postgrad students.. the sea view, the black and white tiled floors . A skeleton in the closet.

It was too perfect.

Mum was impressed too

We had chips on the seafront

It’s a beautiful place

Then a drive home and the anticlimax.

A sudden low in spirit. Even a run could not stave it off.. it just made the step down easier.

The decision to complete my education popped into my head with such a relief . (PHD), but the decision cuts and kills all other possibilities. Relationship, family, alcoholism. Scared stuff

By the way the holiday in Spain was great! I drove on the other side, but firstly to be amongst friends was awesome ..

Max died whilst I was away. Oscar has been affected, mum cry’s and still I have not had it affect me..

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