Ha ha got you ..

Shit town

Ester parel

Aug 28 18:21 Tuesday

On dog walk with Oscar.

Trees with George tomorrow.

6 hours hoovering today.

Working on Pats piece over weekend

Listening to maps of meaning by j Peterson

Aug30 07:17 Thursday

Hav put in enquiries about a campervan on eBay let’s just plan next years fun!

No word from Aberystwyth

Oscar met daisy in the car park

Thinks of moon painting for H

Exercises by the river

Lower back pain

Mist over river looks like steam

The sun rises warm fast

Low atmospheric blur filter. Morning haze, soft light

Opposite, the moon a few zen brushstrokes on a powder blue sky , it’s bottom right disappearing into textured shadow and imagined space

More trees today

Oscars shadow gently bouncing behind mind on the car park tarmac

Light flickers through church yard yews, magic lanterns

Dereks plaice. The only stall on the market.

Aug 31 08:08 Fried egg

Thinks about painting in gloss. The shiny reflective surface brings in external images . Wow!

More bang for your buck as it were

Does it work for dark object next to white gloss surface as well as

Sun rises due east sets due west

The moon and the sun are both out

Cut, paste, post



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