Sept5 23:34

How lovely to see

Nature’s great seasonal giants

Sucking in a feed of rain before falls stripping subsequent to summers scorching

Cloud cover comforter

Soon leaves fall like tears mourning past and fearing future

Comfort in color of flame

Late August light draws in/near

Light lanterns

Apple bells in gypsy tambourine wreaths tumbling from stalks of trees

Fat ,chubby Rosie rose hips in colonies, a spray, coupled , lone bob and sway in August cool breeze, like a Bruegel painting of social groupings

Super excited about Aberystwyth

Am doing maps of meaning by j Peterson.

Just did introduction to lacan .

Thinks of PhD question ..

Aug23 18:59 Wednesday

My favourite smell is wet tarmac/gravel after it’s rained

The sociopsycology of addiction obsession

Aug 24 19:58 Friday

Another day hoovering carpets.

Somebody heard my name mentioned on the radio.

Thinks of a show..

Called Lenny

(I wrote it a while ago but I cannot trust W press)


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